About Me

Location: Singapore

A malaysian who grows up and settled down in Singapore with a very loving singaporean hubby. Have a great passion in baking & cooking which started way back when I was in primary… maybe it’s in the genes !! (my mummy loves to bake as well).

Enjoys pampering my loved ones to a treat of my baking or cooking recipes… and seeing their satisfied faces, gave me a sense of contentment and joy…

I chance upon the world of food blogs while searching for a recipe a few months ago… and wow !! I’m so inspired by the articles written by the rest of the food bloggers who shared the same passion as me. And after months of reading, I have decided to start a food blog myself to share the experience with others…



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  1. Hi was referred to your site from Amelia’s blog. Great cookies. Happy baking! 🙂

  2. Dare to dream, dare to win and that is life, isnt it. Good work.

  3. hi can u give me the recipe for the Mango Hearts cheese cake? thanks! 🙂

  4. jessica, can u give me ur email? I email u the recipe…

  5. Hi, I’m from Singapore too! Ohhhh so glad to find another avid baker who is on the same island with me!! Nice to meet you Karen!

  6. Hi Mrs Ergul!!

    Welcome to my blog =) Nice to meet you too!

  7. Hi,

    Can you please give me the recipes for Gai Jie Bang and The egg white tarts? Icysweet26@juno.com

  8. Hi Betty,

    Sorry, I don’t have the recipe for both the Gai Jie Bang & egg white tarts…

  9. Hi

    Is it posible to get the recipe for the chocolate swirl bread, it look SO nice.

    Greetings from Denmark


  10. Hi Karen,

    Its nice to see you really have so much passion to share your teaching & cooking with all people. I always believe its good to start young & i make my son help me in kitchen at times to create interest. To be frank, I’m setting up a small business, I wonder you will be keen to be a baking & cooking teacher.. of course we pay by hourly ? If you can, please drop me an email to julietyow@gmail.com

    Cos I have a group of network who wants to learn baking & cooking. It will be very nice for all of you to teach & share..

    Have a nice day 🙂


  11. how can suscribe to your blog? thanks.

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