Key Ingredients

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About 3 weeks ago I received a comment on my Mochi Bread post from Key Ingredients asking to feature the recipe in their blog. Let me get a brief intro of Key Ingredients.

Key Ingredients is an online recipe database where it’s the best place to find, create, share and collect all of your recipes…. and most of all, it’s free! You can even print your own cookbook from there! It’s definitely a recipe paradise for most of us bakers and cookers.

This morning, I received at email from them that my blog is being featured. You can read more of it here =).

ByeBye Sex Pistol….

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I was really sad on last fri… as hubby decided to sell away one of our 1000% bearbrick… it has been with us for about a year plus… and I have feelings for it… so I decided to take lots of pix together wif it for remembrance…

The new owner came to collect on Sat… being unable to bear the sight of sending him to another owner… I ask hubby to go down himself… cos I scare I will cry… let’s hope that the new owner will treat him well…..

Here are the pix… with remembrance of our 1000% Sex Pistol and I wana dedicate this post to it….

Byebye Sex Pistol……..

Singapore 1st Toy & Comic Convention

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Finally!!! Singapore 1st Toy Convention!!! I have been waiting for this event in Singapore for as long as I can remember… This type of toy convention is soooo soooo common in countries like Hong Kong & Japan but here in Singapore it’s the 1st time ever…. and of cos, being a toy collector & lover, I’m super duper excited & happy when I 1st heard the news that there is going to be one right here in SG!

It’s a 3-days event (fri – sun), the 1st day being the preview day is only open to invited people… people like media and those wif invitation tickets… and the last 2 days is opened to public… Luckily my hubby managed to get us a pair of preview tickets and we managed to takes lots of pix and able walk around the convention without squeezing… cos on Sat, which is opened to public, the crowd is damn crazy… it’s even worst then PC show… but I’m not complaining…. hehehe

We saw alot of toy sellers we know there as well as chatting wif strangers who shared the same interest… I would say it’s a big get together for all toy collects in SG. I also met up with 2 of my Blythe friends… We even brought some of our collection for the artistes to sign.

On the last day… yes! Me & hubby went for all the 3 days! hahahaha… the crowd wasn’t as bad as Sat, and I managed to take some more pix. Overall this toy con was a great success!! Even the organizer didn’t expect the turn out to go so good & popular! and guess wat!! They have release news that there will be going to be another one next year & it’s going to be bigger wif more toy exhibitors!!! YEA!!! I really cant wait! See you next year Toy Con!

Time for the pix!! WARNING! NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! hehehe

Bearbricks exhibition… it’s quite a disappointment thou…

Blythe exhibition booth

Customised Blythe by celebrity make-up artiste, Andy Lee

Close up

1000% Blythe!!

The blythes me & my blythe frens brought for the autograph

Junko Wong, the blythe creative producer and CWC executive from Japan.

Damaged done from the Toy Con

1000% To-Fu!!

1000% Molly To-fu

Got our To-Fu autographed by the To-fu artiste, Shin from DevilRobots… I even request him to customise one wif a blythe face…. it’s so cute!

All of our autographed To-Fus!

Great Cooks Blogroll

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I have just joined the Great Cooks Blogroll, it’s where all the bakers and cooks can meet and exchange pointers, tips and recipes…

Do check it out!

My Secret Recipes…

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Was feeling abit bored at home as I was on medical leave today… so I took out my digi cam and did some photo taking…. on my recipe books !! heehee

All on Breads & 1 on Dim Sum…

On Beautiful Cakes…

On Cookies and Cupcakes, these are my latest collection too…

On Cooking… look at the number of Thai cook books I have… hubby is a Thai food fan as well… haha

And last but not least, I have 2 full files of cut out recipes accumulated over the years (and it’s still growing!!) from magazines, newspapers, etc. 1 for baking & 1 for cooking… some of my friends say this is my wu lin mi ji (secret manual) … hahaha

X’mas Cookie Cutters

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I have just received these x’mas cookie cutters and icing stencil from Shop n Bake on Sat. Maybe will try them this week.

Sentosa Day

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Yesterday was my hubby company’s family day @ Sentosa. I can’t remember when was the last time I actually went to Sentosa during the day time, it must have been quite long. Sentosa have changed quite alot.

We didn’t stay too long the company event, just go there to show face then head off to venture on our own…hehehe. Yesterday’s weather was so bright and sunnie that I got abit of sun burn…

On the way to Harbourfront
On the way to Harbourfront

At Palawan Beach
At Palawan Beach

My loving hubby
My loving hubby

The bridge I most scare of
The bridge I most scare of

What a view
What a view !

1st time on an open top bus
1st time on an open top bus

Dolphin lagoon
Dolphins lagoon

Underwater world
Underwater world

Just Another Sat

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Saw a X’mas fair at Concourse when I went for my monthly religious facial on Saturday and I bought some more decorations for my tree… as it looks abit bare due to not enuff ornaments… I went back home and redo the whole deco… which looks so much nicer now… =)

The new look…
A whole new look…

I also baked a Pandan Chiffon cake to bring back to my mummy…

In the Oven
In the Oven ready to bake

Almost done…look at the rised top
Almost done… look at the rised top

New born nephew

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After a long wait, my nephew was finally born on Friday, 9 November 2007. He will be my 3rd nephew, my eldest bro’s son… named Lynus.

I was working, then I got a call from my mummy in the late morning telling me that my da sao has been admitted to hospital the nite before and had just been pushed in the labour ward ard 9 am plus. We haven got any news or updates from my bro until 3.15 pm. Gosh !! It took him ard 6 hrs to come out… it was such a long labour for my da sao… heard from my bro that the umbilical cord has wrapped ard Lynus neck twice… luckily the pediatrician managed to untangle it both times. Glad that both my da sao & Lynus are safe and healthy…

Hope that I won’t have such a long labour when it’s my turn…

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