Delicious Thai Agar-Agar

21 February, 2008 at 11:14 pm | Posted in » Desserts | 3 Comments
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Went to Golden Mile Complex for steamboat lunch with my in-laws about 1 month ago… it wasn’t the first time we went there for the steamboat… but having went there so many times… hubby & I have not been to the Thai supermarket above until last month… how mountain tortoise we are !!… but there really alot of things to see lor… alot of Thai stuff…

As usual, I was attracted to the baking section… and I found this…
MIL has been asking me to make those agar-agar with a layer of coconut… so I went ahead and bought it…

They have been sitting in my kitchen for about 1 month until I took it out and went ahead to make it yesterday…


It’s really nice… a combination of salty (coconut layer) and sweet (green layer)… MIL loves it… but hubby finds it abit weird cos of the salty layer… hahaha… I will definitely buy more of this in different flavours next time =)



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  1. Love the sound of this, wish I could try it!

  2. I saw this yesterday at our local asian shop but i buy konnyaku powder instead. next time i will give it ago. yumm

  3. Hi!!
    I first saw this sort of “sweets” in Germany and I couldn’t understand what it could be!! It’s the first time I see your blog.. can you tell me the recipe of this thai agar agar?? 🙂

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