Meringue Mushrooms

7 December, 2007 at 12:12 am | Posted in » Crunchy Cookies | 5 Comments
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Made these Meringue Mushrooms in the evening, this is the first time i’m making these… I would say it turns out very well although there are a few that does not look so nice… Thumbs Up It looks complicated… but actually it’s quite simple…

Hmmmm, you will be thinking why would I wana made these…. well…. I’ll keep it in suspense for now… heehee



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  1. yours look great! OMG, the nightmare I had making these!

  2. ya…. it’s quite tendious… i think mine doesn’t look so good… the stalks are too short.. =)

  3. These look delightful and cute.

  4. Hi~ I came across your site (looking for muffins w/ filling) and saw these meringue mushrooms that you made. I made these too…except these look darker…did you use chocolate meringue? Mine are more like white mushrooms…take a look here…

    • hi chibita,

      no, mine is plain meringue.. just tat when i dust with cocoa powder i blow it abit to form a even layer that covers them.

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