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Macarons… it has been a craze in Singapore for sometime now, it’s also the thing that makes the baking world crazy!

Many fellow food bloggers have made their attempted to make these little sweet things, some of them are very successful on the first attempt but some are not… some can’t get the ‘feets’ or ‘skirts’…

Today, I make an attempt to try out these little things. Well… it did not turn up so well for me… I guess it’s quite normal for a first timer who makes it. The ingredients was simple, it’s just egg whites, ground almond and icing sugar. And yet, despite the simple ingredients… the process of making one with ‘feet’ was not so easy.

When I have the ingredients all mixed, it batter was quite sticky… wonder if that should be the consistency… I tried to pipe out the batter into rounds, but it ends up all kinds of deformed shapes except rounds! Sad  I wonder how can I make it into rounds  Ignoring You ?? I can’t even get them into rounds, not to mention getting the little ‘feet’ Sad Haiz… I gotta dump the whole batch…

Maybe I’ll try again… or maybe not… part of me wana try again as a challenge for myself… but part of me, after the disaster of today’s attempt dun wana go through another one in case it resulted in the same result…

Considering the difficulty level of making these macarons, it’s a no wonder why they are selling so expensive at about S$1.30 – S$1.50 EACH !

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