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12 November, 2007 at 2:57 pm | Posted in » Yummy Cakes, Others | 2 Comments
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Saw a X’mas fair at Concourse when I went for my monthly religious facial on Saturday and I bought some more decorations for my tree… as it looks abit bare due to not enuff ornaments… I went back home and redo the whole deco… which looks so much nicer now… =)

The new look…
A whole new look…

I also baked a Pandan Chiffon cake to bring back to my mummy…

In the Oven
In the Oven ready to bake

Almost done…look at the rised top
Almost done… look at the rised top



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  1. Nice demonstrations with pics. It always helps. Came to your site while surfing and liked it. Good work.
    I am into sugarcraft and recently made the 5-layered cake for an Indian Wedding in Botswana.It was an experiment. Do pass by me site whenever you can.

  2. Hi Anamika,

    Thanks! have saw your blog.. all your cakes are very nice decorated…i’am interested into cake decorations too.

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