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Saw a X’mas fair at Concourse when I went for my monthly religious facial on Saturday and I bought some more decorations for my tree… as it looks abit bare due to not enuff ornaments… I went back home and redo the whole deco… which looks so much nicer now… =)

The new look…
A whole new look…

I also baked a Pandan Chiffon cake to bring back to my mummy…

In the Oven
In the Oven ready to bake

Almost done…look at the rised top
Almost done… look at the rised top

Breads craze…

12 November, 2007 at 1:55 pm | Posted in » Fresh Breads & Buns | Leave a comment

Recently, I’m into making breads… and I did it again on Friday evening… this time it’s Bacon & cheese buns. The taste of the melted cheese combine with the fragrant of the oven-baked bacon was wonderful. Hubby says the bread was abit hard though… which myself also thinks so… maybe I should try adding some bread improver to the recipes next time. =)

I have also bought quite a number of books on break making recently… hehehe

Here are the pix of the buns:

Bun dough
Bun dough

Bacon & cheese toppings
Bacon & cheese toppings

Freshly baked buns… yummy !
Freshly baked buns… yummy !

New born nephew

12 November, 2007 at 1:21 pm | Posted in Others | Leave a comment

After a long wait, my nephew was finally born on Friday, 9 November 2007. He will be my 3rd nephew, my eldest bro’s son… named Lynus.

I was working, then I got a call from my mummy in the late morning telling me that my da sao has been admitted to hospital the nite before and had just been pushed in the labour ward ard 9 am plus. We haven got any news or updates from my bro until 3.15 pm. Gosh !! It took him ard 6 hrs to come out… it was such a long labour for my da sao… heard from my bro that the umbilical cord has wrapped ard Lynus neck twice… luckily the pediatrician managed to untangle it both times. Glad that both my da sao & Lynus are safe and healthy…

Hope that I won’t have such a long labour when it’s my turn…

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