X’mas ard the corner !

9 November, 2007 at 1:54 pm | Posted in » Grumbles...Grumbles... | Leave a comment

Went partying @ Zouk on Wednesday nite, end up waking up late yesterday… hehehe

Had a late dim sum lunch at Chinatown with hubby, then we head to get Xmas decorations for our house… I have always wanted to have a xmas tree in my house and having a house of my own makes that easier… =)

I wanna make breads again yesterday after I got home… but instead I ended up doing up to Xmas tree… I realli can’t wait to get it up… hahaha

Here some pix of my tree & door decor:

Door Deca
Door Deco

Door Deco Close up
Door Deco Closed up

Closed leaves xmas tree
Closed leaves xmas tree

Tree ornaments
Tree ornaments

Fully opened up tree
Fully opened up tree

Lights on!
Lights Up !!

Decorations up !!
Decorations up !!

Pressies anyone ?
Pressies anyone ?

Everyting up…
Yeah!! Everytings up…. hehehe

Nite light up…
Nite light up !!

okz… that’s all for today… going off to make the bread I’m wanna do yesterday… haha

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