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6 November, 2007 at 6:19 pm | Posted in » Fresh Breads & Buns, » Handful Muffins & Cupcakes, » Yummy Cakes | 2 Comments

Yesterday was my 1st try on breads…. I decided to give it a try on making this based on the Wassant sold in the Provence Bakery @ Holland V. Glad it turns out well… heheh =)

Chocolate swirl bread
Chocolate swirl bread

Last Saturday, Lyana came over to my house for a baking lesson, too bad Mag & Lin can’t make it. We have a great time and we made some muffins & cheesecakes. Looking forward to another baking session with the girls soon…

Double Chocolate muffins with almonds

Strawberry hearts cheesecake

1 month ago I made this cake for my jiemeis who came over my house for a gathering just before my wedding.

Strawberry chocolate mousse cake


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  1. wow~ the bread!!!! nice….we should do it again sometime when mag n lin are free….hee hee

  2. yup! yup!

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