Past bakes….

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Yesterday was my 1st try on breads…. I decided to give it a try on making this based on the Wassant sold in the Provence Bakery @ Holland V. Glad it turns out well… heheh =)

Chocolate swirl bread
Chocolate swirl bread

Last Saturday, Lyana came over to my house for a baking lesson, too bad Mag & Lin can’t make it. We have a great time and we made some muffins & cheesecakes. Looking forward to another baking session with the girls soon…

Double Chocolate muffins with almonds

Strawberry hearts cheesecake

1 month ago I made this cake for my jiemeis who came over my house for a gathering just before my wedding.

Strawberry chocolate mousse cake

My 1st post…

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I have been reading quite a number of blogs… those of friends, strangers… and recently food blogs, those whom shared the the same passion as me…. which is BAKING !!

Today, suddenly I’m attacked by the blogging bug… and here I am writing my first post ! =)

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